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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

“Clean air and water, vaccines that prevent disease, food inspectors who ensure a safe food supply and seat belt laws that reduce traffic deaths – public health makes a difference” ~ APHA Mission statement.

The tragedy of the Coronavirus pandemic has made painfully obvious the necessity for and role of a national public health system and infrastructure.

In recognition of that need, we, Sojourners for Truth and Justice call for a strong national public health system and infrastructure with a comprehensive science based national public health policy. A system staffed by appropriate professionals and experts; to plan, evaluate, coordinate, analyze, revise, monitor and direct the efficient, effective and coherent delivery of public health services. A system that ensures the highest standard of health at all times with the capacity to immediately escalate at moments of extraordinary public health crises, i.e. epidemics and pandemics. This system must be adequately funded at all levels; from federal to the smallest urban and rural entities. It must stockpile all the emergency protective and treatment supplies necessary to meet a sudden surge and/or have the authority and capability to direct the immediate procurement, production and distribution of these supplies.

The decades of defunding and dismantling of our public health system, justified by the decades of incessant “Big Government is Bad Government – the private sector can do it better” propaganda, allowed the Coronavirus to burst through our front door, overwhelming our fractured and chaotic health care delivery system resulting in much suffering and death because the current federal government lacked the capacity and will to combat its entrance.

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