We  Stand   For . . .


We, Sojourners for Truth and Justice, add our voices and our commitments to fight for human rights, and a world free of racism, poverty, ecological destruction, injustice, oppression, xenophobia, war, and related intolerances. 


We envision a vibrant world where everyone is valued and allowed to expand to their fullest potential without prejudice.


The Corona SARS 2 virus pandemic, COVID-19, has stripped bare, for all to see, the racism and injustice in the world. We are in the lethal grip of the pandemic. International experts predict that upon emerging from it, much of the world will find itself surrounded by overwhelming social and economic upheaval with too many casualties that did not have to happen.


We will be faced with the staggering task of rebuilding. This must start at the local level. When we step into that tomorrow, we Sojourners For Truth and Justice, hope most of the world’s survivors will understand that HUMANITY cannot continue to live the way it did pre COVID-19 and our planet, our shared home, will not sustain being taken for granted, ravaged and abused.


The magnitude of this global crisis can create a new social consciousness that can reshape socio-economic and political choices and offer the real possibility for genuine transformative change.


WE THE PEOPLE must make this happen.


WE MUST emerge with a global commitment to establish truly just forms of governance based on solid foundations and principles, guaranteeing true equality for everyone. Government structures MUST embrace a commitment to the representation of and accountability to ALL the people.


We envision a peaceful world where the spirit of collective responsibility and belonging reign; where BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, INCLUDING healthy food, shelter, clothing, a living wage, free health care, and education are available to all. A world that values our environment and all living things; a world that provides space and encouragement for all to dream create, and develop to their full potential; and a world without wars, armament races, ubiquitous military installations, guns, and gun violence.


To achieve this world much national and international work, education and alliance building must be done. It will not happen instantaneously but with sustained dialogue, organizing, and respectfully working together we can reverse the forces of greed, oppression, and war.


We, Sojourners for Truth and Justice, feel strongly that this can only be accomplished with the power, leadership, and vision of our youth.

We will play our part. We hope to unite with others who envision that new world and are active in ways that will help to achieve it. We have developed a list of requirements that will be necessary to change the current reality. It is not exhaustive, as we want to join with you, hear your thoughts and experiences, and then combine all our voices into a powerful people's chorus.

Our goal is to reach as many people as we can, unleashing the more generous sides of their hearts and minds. 

We need our public officials to listen. We won't go back to the "old normal". It was never normal and is totally unacceptable now. We want to leave our children and grandchildren an open, just, healthy, and peaceful world.

We  Stand   For . . .